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Biological Models

Product Image (HL-5148)

Human Foot Bow Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Model of human foot bow. Set of 3 models, on base the foot plural feet is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion. In many animals with feet, the foot is a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg made up of one or more segments or bones, generally including claws or nails.

Product Image (HL-5162)

Root Models

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Root Models Enlarged about 300 times, durable plastic, showing in longitudinal and transverse section, crown of removable. Dissectible in two part. Mounted on base with numbered key card

Product Image (HL-5105)

Human Liver With Gall Bladder Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Human Liver With Gall Bladder Model Life size, showing the four lobes of liver, peritoneum, gall bladder and vessels. On base. Numbered with English Key Card This realistic model shows the anatomy of the liver and gall bladder. The liver with gall bladder shows: 4 lobes with gall bladder, extrahepatic ducts, and hilus vessels. This high quality liver with gallbladder replica is delivered on removable stand . 18x18x12 cm

Product Image (HL-5161)

Rat Dissection Model

Price: 140 INR/Piece

This 6-part life-size model is dissected to expose the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, and both male and female genital systems. Remove the organs for more detailed learning and examination. Enlarged, dissection showing all the vital organs of a rat. Mounted on base.

Product Image (HL-5123)

Human Spleen Model

Price: 105 INR/Piece

The spleen is an organ found in virtually all vertebrates. Model of spleen showing the surrounding vessels, on stand.

Product Image (HL-5126)

Larynx Full Size Model -2 Parts

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Larynx Full Size Model -2 Parts Shows larynx, wind pipe, ligaments, muscles and thyroid gland. The model is medially divided, one half removable. On base. Numbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5132)

Model Of Anterior Foot Of Cat

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Description: Picture shows enlarged the Anterior Foot of Cat. On base. Numbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5115)

Human Urinary Organs Model -3 Parts

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Natural size separates into 3 parts. Kidneys ureters, adrenal glands, bladder with prostate and major blood vessels are shown.

Product Image (HL-5122)

Human Skin-4 Parts Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Human Skin-4 Parts Model Enlarged approx 70 times. Layers of the skin can be removed. Showing first rudiments of hair (exposed and in section), sweat gland and sense organs of skin. Separate into 4 parts. Mounted on base as shown in picture.

Product Image (HL-5102)

Human Nervous System Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Human Nervous System Model Showing brain and details of spinal cord and nerves in their position in the body. Mounted with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5145)

Modelof Human Spinal Cord And Vertebra

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Expansion Model of transverse section of spinal cord and the vertebra in 2 parts. On base.

Product Image (HL-5139)

Micro Anatomy Kidney Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Description: This extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney greatly magnified. Six model zones illustrate the following fine-tissue structure that serve the production or urine : 1. Longitudinal section of a kidney. 2. Section of renal cortex and renal medulla 3. Diagrammatic / didactic illustration of an opened renal corpuscle Mounted on a base. 23.5 x25.5 x 19 cm; 1.3 kkg

Product Image (HL-5086)

Human Heart Muscle Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Human Heart Muscle Model picture showing ultra structure of human heart muscle. Size of the model is 22 x 22 x 37 cm. This is carried on base. Numbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5103)

Human Kidney Section Model - 3 Times

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Human Kidney Section Model - 3 Times Longitudinal section of the right kidney. Model shown kidney glomerulus, tubes, one collection tube, pyramids, kidneys orifice system, kidney pelvis, upper section of the ureter and the kidney blood vessels

Product Image (HL-5125)

Kidney Section ,nephrons & Blood Vessels & Kidney Glomerulus

Price: 150 INR/Piece

All Aspects of Kidney shown in Three-Model Set. Introduce students to the basic structure of the kidney, then examine the nephron and a glomerulus up close, all with one set of three models. The frontal Section of the kidney,enlarged 3 times. Second model glomerulus, enlarged 700 times, and the third model is 120 times enlarged nephron. The three models are mounted on a common base with numbered Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5124)

Human Spleen And Duodenum Model

Price: 140 INR/Piece

Human Spleen And Duodenum Model Showing enlarged pancreatic duct on pancreas upto its aperture, an section of duodenum is shown in a portion, gall bladder and bile ducts (opened ), the Spleen and surrounding vessels, mounted on stand.

Product Image (HL-5121)

Human Skin Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

70 Times, full size, shows section through three layers of the hair-covered skin of the head. Models shows hair follicles with sebaceous, sweat glands, receptors, nerves and vessels. On base. Numbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5117)

Fifth Cervical Vertebra Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Fifth Cervical Vertebra Model Picture shows Fifth Cervical Vertebra model natural size. On base. Height 7.5cm., Width 32cm., Thickness 24cm., Net Weight 1.8 kg. Numbered with English Key Card. Enlarged approx. 7 times.

Product Image (HL-5151)

Nasal Cavity And Pharynx Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

The nasal cavity warms and moistens the air and filters it of impurities. The sinuses are hollow areas, or cavities, in the bones of the skull that are lined with mucous membranes and that open into the nasal cavity. The sinuses provide resonance for the voice. When the sinuses are inflammed and filled with mucus the voice has a different quality, The pharynx refers to the part of the respiratory tract behind the nasal cavity and mouth, in other words, the throat.

Product Image (HL-5136)

Human Brain Stem Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Human Brain Stem Model of brain stem including transverse sections.

Product Image (HL-5134)

Model of D.N.A.

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Model of D.N.A. showing segment of D.N.A. molecule mechanism of replication, to show the double helix coiling and reforming, nucleiotides and the structural formula to show the show the molecule shapes and bond and angles distorted.Complete model arranged on a board.

Product Image (HL-5144)

Human Placenta Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Description: Human Placenta Model of human Placenta and umbilical cord. On base.

Product Image (HL-5157)

Period Of Gestation Set Model

Price: 120 INR/Piece

Set of nine models, most accurate, mounted on stand consists of the following stages. 1. An embryo 6 days old, considerably enlarged. 2. Uterus with embryo in 1st month of gestation. 3. Uterus with embryo in 3rd month of gestation. 4. Uterus with foetus, in 4th month. 5. Uterus with foetus, placenta and umblicle cord. 6. Uterus with foetus, in 5th month pregnancy.

Product Image (HL-5091)

Human Eye Demonstartion Model

Price: 120 INR/Piece

Human Eye Demonstartion Model Enlarged 5 times, showing the eye socket with the sagittal cutaway. The cut away shows the fine structure of the retina as seen with an electron microscope.

Product Image (HL-5097)

Human Eye Model On Bony Base

Price: 140 INR/Piece

Enlarged 5 times. Sectioned horizontally and separates into 6 parts, upper half of the sclerotic membrane, choroids membrane (2), Retina with vitreous humour, lens, lower half of the sclerotic membrane with base. Mumbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5087)

Human Eye 5 Times Enlarged Model

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Giant Ear Model 5 Times Enlarged 5 times, 7 parts. After removing the upper half of the sclera (outer shell), the choroids with its verticose veins is exposed, with the removal of second shell (the choroids) details of spot is quite visible

Product Image (HL-5130)

Model Of Cat Skull

Price: 130 INR/Piece

Picture shows Cat Skull. On base. Numbered with English Key Card. This feline skull model represents the detailed casting in plastic of an average-sized cat skull. The jaw has been mounted so that it is moveable and the cat skull model is also flexibly mounted. This cat skull model would be an excellent addition to a veterinary classroom or clinic to aid study or demonstration. The cat skull model is supplied on a white base.

Product Image (HL-5079)

Human Heart Model 2 Parts

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Human Heart Model 2 Parts Natural size, front heart is removable to view the chambers. On base. Numbered with English Key Card.

Product Image (HL-5092)

Eye In Bony Orbit Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Eye In Bony Orbit Model Englared 3 times model of the eye, with 9 parts in bony orbit. The upper half eye ball is removable and dissects into 6 parts showing all anatomical details.

Product Image (HL-5111)

Human Fetal Circulation Model

Price: 150 INR/Piece

Human Fetal Circulation Model of human fetal circulation. On Base. Numbered with English Key Card.

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